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SolMeru serves frontier market enterprises and their investors by

providing world-class resources and business solutions.  


SolMeru is an international provider of leadership recruitment and staffing services for frontier market  ventures. Whether the need is full-time employment, temporary employment, or contracting services, we connect frontier market ventures with leadership talent.

Looking for a job?

SolMeru acts as your career advisor, creating a relationship with you to understand your individual talent, journey and goal destination. It is important to us to have regular touch points with you to develop the best understanding of your talents and goals. We are your trusted advocate and originator for new opportunities.

Looking to hire?

SolMeru successfully finds experienced candidates that are attracted to your market.  Our network consists of candidates from around the world that are passionate about solving challenges in frontier markets. We match qualified candidates with your organization’s industry, job function, and culture.

Professional Services

SolMeru is a relationship-based professional services firm designed to engage as a partner to identify, understand and solve your business challenges.  By developing mutual trust and intelligence, we work with you to diagnose your challenge and craft the optimal solution. Many business challenges are complex and overlapping. We believe it is essential to listen to you, analyze the facts, design a plan, and provide you with the resources required for successful execution.  We serve you throughout the life-cycle of your business.

What is your business need?

SolMeru acts as your professional advisor, understanding the uniqueness of your challenge and creating a tailored approach to help you maximize success and value creation at every stage of your business.

  • Corporate Development

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Management Structure

  • Organizational Assessment and Optimization

  • Transactions and Transformations

    • Restructuring and Turnaround

    • Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Due Diligence

    • Post-Merger Integration

  • Financing / Raising Capital

  • Financial Planning and Analysis

    • Product Pricing and Analysis

    • Advanced Analytics

    • Accounting and Reporting

  • Operations

    • Revenue Growth and Cost Reduction

    • Customer Care

    • Process Development and Implementation

    • Information Technology and Digital

    • Human Resources and Performance Management

Investor Services

Frontier markets hold tremendous potential, and offer investors the unique opportunity to achieve high returns while also significantly transforming the livelihood of millions of people. Frontier markets also carry unique challenges and risks, which SolMeru is equipped to help you navigate and convert into valuable opportunities.


With great passion, we access the resource and business expertise required to build frontier market-leading companies and develop a mature market place. Sol Meru is your global resource group, providing professional services to one or all of your startup, early or later stage investments. We consistently deliver superior service and provide you with important market intelligence on the performance of your investments.


Get in touch with Joe Songer, our Principal in charge of Investor Services, to learn how we can add value to your organization today.

Professional Services
Investor Services
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